NorBella turns 4!

October 23, 2013

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NorBella South End Office Before and After

   April 2012 & October 2013

October marks NorBella’s fourth birthday. In agency land we’re still young, but we’ve grown so much since 2009. From a closet sized office, doing work on the floor while we waited for our furniture to arrive, to a large top-floor sun-drenched South End loft. Four years later, NorBella is home to 17 smart, a little bit dorky, but also hip and fun group of employees whose wholehearted dedication and drive, provides outstanding campaign results for our clients.

I’m not going to lie. I fell into media. As a child I wasn’t dreaming about GRP’s, flowcharts and CPM’s. I spent a semester of college in London and fell in love with theater. After school I moved to NYC in hopes of tying my business degree and love of theater into a job on the “business side of theater” although I didn’t really know what that meant. After a chance meeting with an ad executive, I learned about media and quickly found my niche. Taking a brand’s story and bringing it to life, from ideation to insight on campaign creative and strategically placing and buying media, connecting brand and consumer, was – and still is – so exciting to me.

I spent years between five different agencies, gaining experience with a diverse range of brands. Once I became more senior in my career I realized my way of approaching client campaigns and solutions was different, and NorBella was born.

After four years we continue to evolve in how we think about media, marketing and reaching our clients’ targets. We fuse research, insights, the creative platform and then our own creativity into our planning and buying processes, making consumers acknowledge, react and engage with our clients in meaningful ways.

I want to send out a huge heart-felt thank you to my team, our clients and our partners. You all put faith in me somewhere along the way and without you; NorBella wouldn’t be who we are or where we are today.

To my fabulous team of 17 here at 46 Plympton Street, you make me so proud and grateful every day.  I am lucky to work with such smart, quirky, dedicated and encouraging teammates.  I love hearing your laughter each day. I love seeing you challenge each other. I love seeing you celebrate a job well done.  I look forward to what the future holds for all of us.