Inspiring the NorBella “Mastermind” with Peter Shankman

January 22, 2014

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Have you ever met Peter Shankman? He’s an accomplished author, speaker and most famously known for founding the website Help a Reporter Out (HARO). He’s an innovative thinker and the kind of person you feel smarter just hanging out with. I was fortunate to attend Peter’s “Mastermind” workshop with a handful of other Boston marketers and business owners.


During the event, we were able to collaborate with the others in the room and hear Peter’s thoughts. Although I took a ton of notes, here are some suggestions I appreciated and wanted to share:

Get inspired. Every morning take two minutes to watch a video, look at pictures, listen to music or read an article that gets you excited. Keep a running list of the items that encourage you the most and break them out when you’re feeling uninspired to recharge. I read a few blogs like Seth Godin’s “Seth’s Blog”, the Harvard Business Review blogs, and also have the Mashable app on my phone for quick reads, insights, news and inspiration. These are pretty easy ways to provide me with hearty bites of information that keep me informed of trends and spur new ideas.

Own it. Don’t be afraid to put your name on an idea or project. Nothing is guaranteed to be successful, but even in the shadows of failure comes a learning opportunity. I agree with this wholeheartedly and take some risks on a regular basis. While I think through these risks, I also use my gut, something that I recommend to everyone, every day.

Focus. Peter shared an anecdote of the time he booked a round-trip flight to Tokyo in order to write an entire book on a tight deadline, just so he could focus – talk about extreme! One of the things I try to do on a regular basis is to take a day away from the office and clear my head in the relaxed atmosphere of my home. I may be wearing PJs, but my head is down, cranking out work. Not only does this help me get ahead on my to-do list, but gives me a feeling of productivity and allows me to recharge.

Invest in relationships. Building relationships is the key to a strong and growing network. With that in mind, I have a “meet one new person per week goal.” Not only do these meetings provide a fresh perspective, but open the door to collaboration, learning and new opportunities.

I’m always searching for innovative ways to challenge myself and evolve my team as we aim even higher in the New Year. I’ll be referencing this post throughout the year, it’s going to the top of my ‘get inspired’ folder.