Ads that make us go hmm: Nescafé Pop-Up Cafe

July 22, 2014

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Enjoy the morning paper with a cup of coffee and a friend, courtesy of Nescafé! The brand recently released a surprisingly imaginative print advertisement in France that introduces customers to their instant coffee product.1

Thick print stock was utilized, providing instructions on how to peel out sections of the paper in order to assemble a coffee mug, one for you and someone you’d like to share your coffee or newspaper with! The insertion also included a free sample of the instant coffee for potential customers to enjoy.2 Nescafé  is referring to the execution as a “pop-up-café” and we think it is a great way to not only catch the eyes of potential consumers and make them aware of Nescafé instant coffee, but for them to sample the product and, even better, share with a friend.

Experiential print media campaigns such as these, help leave impressions on the mind of consumers as they have the ability to foster a personal interaction with your brand. In the case of Nescafé, that interaction could be enjoying your coffee and a newspaper with a loved one or simply digesting the morning news for a moment longer with mug in hand.

We think that Nescafé’s mugs are a unique execution of print media among today’s heavy digital and social marketing strategies. The mugs remind us that there is great value in a well-developed print campaign for starting a meaningful conversation around your brand or product.