Women in Media: A Night with WIMMI Boston

July 31, 2014

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Tuesday night, we attended a networking event hosted by the Women in Media Mentoring Initiative, with some of the most influential women in the space. Boston-based women executives, Nancy Go, VP of Brand Marketing at Wayfair, Amy Scarlino the President and CEO of Catchpole Corporation, Carrie Seifer the SVP of Global Strategy at Millennial Media and Robin Domeniconi the CMO of Rue La La and founder of Real Simple magazine all spoke. Here’s some insights from them:

Great ideas come from everywhere. Robin Domeniconi shared that one of the best ideas for Real Simple was given to her by her assistant, who suggested featuring weddings in the magazine. Her anecdote is a wonderful example of how big ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their position or status within the company. So speak up and fight for your ideas.

Once you reach a goal, set a new one. All of the panelists agreed that setting goals is crucial for self-improvement. Nancy Goh commented that while reaching a goal is certainly an achievement to relish in, you don’t ever want to lose the thrill of the pursuit in pushing yourself to learn more.

Use MRI. (No, we don’t mean Mediamark Research & Intelligence!) Throughout each workday, we all encounter opinions or experiences that differ from our own. In these situations, Robin believes that you must always use the Most Respectful Interpretation. You should learn to accept that viewpoints will not always be the same and take the time to understand why in order to work towards the best agreement.

Don’t skate where the hockey puck is, skate where it’s going. Carrie Seifer made this closing comment that really stuck with us. Get ahead of the game and continue to challenge yourself to get to where you’d like to be instead of waiting for it to happen. Chances are if you’re waiting by the net, you’re going to score!

– Aileen