Ad Age Small Agency Conference: Keyword Excellence

August 05, 2014

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Greg Glassman Crossfit CEO Ad Age Small Agency Awards

Although Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman refused to do a burpee when called out by an audience member, we still appreciate his words of wisdom shared at Ad Age Small Agency Conference last week in Austin, TX.

Glassman asked the crowd how we define excellence, and how do we make that excellence? Glassman went on to describe how Crossfit defines excellence internally:

  •  Virtuosity (doing the uncommon, commonly well) and elegance
  • Simplicity and efficacy

Then, think about how your brand endures through excellence. In order to make it in the long haul, people need to love the product and your service. To create desire and a relationship with your customer, you’ll need to put your core competency at the forefront and focus on how you can own it and provide excellence through that service or product.

Keyword: excellence. Get after it.

– Shauna & Steph