August 07, 2014

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ad age

Eric Solomon, Head of Brand Strategy & Insights at Google addressed the crowd at #AASmallAgency about hyper storytelling, and this hit home with us in a big way.

Today, marketers are being challenged to not only tell a story, but to hypertell it. We live in a world where on demand consumers can consume content at any given moment, and then openly react to it. All of this content is “active,” which means that people can tweet about/publish blogs about their opinion of your TV spot, respond to your brands’ Facebook post, or a friends post about your brand.  We’ve got to be nimble enough to not only respond to these forms of communication, but to anticipate them to create the best response and hypertell.

It’s about what happens to the story, now more than ever. This point got Eric talking about orchestration vs. integration. We all understand that teams need to work together to be integrated, but how are we orchestrating? How loud do you let a twitter conversation go before you introduce a video into the market? Would that video be a TV spot, or long form content? How does this roll out in relation to the conversation happening around your brand as told by your media plan? Are you responding to a reaction to your ads, or orchestrating a calculated action?

As marketers, we’ve got so many choices to make for our brands to not only stay relevant, but stay in the conversation. It’s time to take storytelling to whole new level.

– Shauna