Ads that make us go hmm: Apple's Stickers

August 12, 2014

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MacBook Stickers

(photo cred: Apple Inc.)

We’re stuck on MacBook Air stickers. Last week, Apple Inc. introduced a 30-second television spot featuring the MacBook Air in which the laptop dons an assortment of stickers, presumably on individual’s laptops, flashing from one to the next. From Mickey Mouse to hands forming a heart, the stickers represent the individuality of Apple users, strategically placed around the Apple logo.1 Interestingly, the laptops used in the commercial show wear, something that isn’t typically depicted, and that further speaks to highlighting the individual customers.

As Ad Week described it, Apple’s message here is, “passion through personalization”.2 Putting stickers on Mac computers has been a practice for years and Apple highlights their user’s proclivity to use this method of customization in this spot. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop where five other people have the same laptop as you, with a sticker consumers are able to illuminate their individuality.

Positioning the MacBook Air as “the notebook people love” is so smart, celebrating their loyal customers, and the connection they have with the brand in a way everyone can relate to.

What’s on the cover of your MacBook Air?