Ads that make us go hmm: Let it Move You

September 16, 2014

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From Crossfit, to marathons, to Tough Mudders, it’s safe to say that everyone in our office loves a good workout. That’s why we dig Zumba’s new spot from their “Let it Move You” campaign.  Zumba CEO and co-founder Alberto Perlamn, commented that the campaign is meant to portray Zumba’s new mantra which is, “a feeling that moves you not only in the physical sense, but also emotionally — it’s a powerful feeling that stays with you long after the Zumba class is over”.1

As the first TV spot to ever advertise Zumba, we think it does a great job explaining without words what exactly Zumba’s all about: contagious music and rhythm that draws you in before you even realize you’re working out. It has the potential to speak to a wide audience base – whether you’re a Zumba regular or have never heard of it at all before, you’re going to get it.

What we love the most is how the spot shows that a simple concept or brand can be just as or even more captivating than a complex message. You just have to find a way to connect with your audience that is authentic and easy, and let your creative do the rest. Not to mention it is hilarious to watch people in their everyday lives feeling compelled to give in to the beat.

Keep an eye out for the national debut of this spot on September 17th!


(photo cred: Zumba Fitness)