Drinking the Media/Marketing Juice at FutureM

September 24, 2014

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From learning how to make the perfect green juice (thanks Martha!) to knowing that some of your best ideas may already be on the bottom of your trashcan, we loved the dynamic energy we found at FutureM last week. Hearing from some of the best of the best, we caught Martha Stewart’s keynote and two sessions, Creating a Culture of Innovation and the Content-Powered Organization. Here are some of our favorite nuggets we picked up at #FutureM:

Have a strong work ethic, believe in yourself, and be productive.

Brought to you by Martha Stewart herself, this piece of advice reminds us that if you have a great idea, you should run with it. Everything starts with a spark and it’s what you do to pursue that spark that makes all the difference. Take ownership and make it happen.

Growth comes from making the bold move first. Those bold moves spring from a culture of innovation.

As Harry West, Senior Partner at Prophet, and Matt Lindley, Director of Innovation at SapientNitro, let us in on the not-so-big secret (but something we all need to be reminded of daily!), that in order to change you need to operate outside of comfort zones. Don’t be above anything, as long as it fuels results, be open to it.

Great content lives in the margins and the corners, it’s on the papers in your trash or tossed on the floor of the design room.

New Balance’s Head of Global Digital Brand Marketing, Patrick Cassidy and Chief of Strategy at Almighty, Ian Fitzpatrick teamed up to stress that some of the best ideas are the ones we’ve deemed as scraps. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to think of the next big idea, go back to the basics and tap what already exists around you. Don’t be particular in where ideas come from, but be diligent in shaping where they end up!