Our passion is greater than our obstacles

October 19, 2014

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Passionate. We are passionate about media, about our hobbies, our music, our favorite local bars, and our opinions. Our passion is greater than our obstacles. As a team we are willing to work harder, collaborate more, brainstorm longer, have more fun, learn more, and deliver extraordinary. At the root of it all lies a sense of passion, which transforms our workplace to an environment that fuels results and creates a successful team.

Creative. We once hosted a Paint Nite event at our office. We realized we were not artists. Our art is media but it’s how we approach media and our clients objectives that make us the creative team that we are.

Fun. Music and laughter are often the soundtrack for our open office space. It’s not uncommon for a group of people to gather round our keg and share some drinks, stories and have a bunch of laughs. We work hard but we have fun while we do it and often that fun continues outside of the office either down the street at a local watering hole, out for a nice dinner, a competitive game of bowling or even a weekend away together up at Mt. Washington Resort.

Organized. The team will tell you that that I am passionate about systems, labels and all things organization. I credit our successful process to an ongoing evolution and to a dedicated team that follows each step recognizing the importance of efficiency, operations and details as they directly impact our productivity and success.

Visionary. Media is constantly changing and so are we.

– Stacey

Stacey Washkowitz, Age: 5

Stacey Washkowitz, Age: 5