To 5 years and many more

October 21, 2014

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“5 years…Can you believe it’s been 5 years since you started Norbella?” Over the past few months, I have been hearing this question over and over. While exciting, the question on Norbella’s 5th birthday implores me to think about all of the progress we have experienced, the accomplishments we have shared and the exciting future that lies ahead of us.

It’s hard to believe we launched this company during the time that we did. It was the recession in the fall of 2009, clients weren’t really spending and agencies were hurting and/or closing their doors. People were really starting to change the way they consumed and used media. To be honest, the reality of the market was the last thing on my mind. I wanted a change in my life and to be able create an approach on my own terms. That’s when Norbella was born.

Since our first day on the 3rd floor of 46 Plympton street crammed into a small back office, we’ve spent the last five years working hard and wanting something better for our clients and partners. Five years gave us a reason to reflect on our success and spend a little time on us, rebranding us to better represent how we have evolved and continue to evolve. To give Norbella, the brand, a voice that matched all of the great people and success that we have had here. We hired a creative genius, Ted Schlueter from Crunch Brands and dedicated time to focus on Norbella, including a new logo and tagline. We developed a media campaign around our Birthday to highlight ourselves, our work, and our position in the market and simultaneously wanted to pay it forward within the community. In addition, we are doubling our office space and renovating the entire 5th floor with a beautiful new design, to be completed by end of January, including some really fun office décor!

Five years feels like the perfect time to speak loud and proud (as I tell my daughters to do when speaking to adults). From the exciting big things: our business wins over the years, exciting rebranding, amazing new hires, and office expansion to the important small things: happy hour gatherings in our kitchen and late nights on the job. For those that know me, I tend to say ‘what’s next’ as soon as we accomplish something. Today, I’m stopping to contemplate and admire us, Norbella. We are no longer a media planning and buying agency. In fact, that phrase drives me nuts. We are Media+, which accounts for the way we work with partners and clients and how we view and strategize media. It’s about who we are as an agency and the integrity we hold in doing what is best for ourselves and anyone we work with.

Please keep an open eye for all we have coming up in the next few weeks, as well as way down the road. We are going to be around and thriving for a very long time!

– Steph

Stephanie Noris, Age: 5

Stephanie Noris, Age: 5