My second first day at Norbella

October 22, 2014

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Please note: This is not to be confused with my FIRST first day at Norbella. My real first day was May 24, 2012 when I started as a media intern. Yes, I missed it so much I had to return nearly 2 years later!

+ There are a LOT of new things happening at Norbella.

Upon my arrival into the office on July 21, 2014, I was greeted by Stacey, our Director of Operations, to review all things Norbella. After my 1 ½ year hiatus , there were many new things happening at Norbella that I needed to get caught up on, such as the addition of our Content Marketing team, a website revamp, and an office expansion…just to name a few.

+ The motto “Work Hard, Play Hard” is taken very seriously.

After meeting with Stacey, she showed me to my new desk where I was able to sign on to my e-mail account. After signing on, I found about 20 e-mails sitting in my inbox. There is no “syllabus week” here at Norbella. Once you start, you hit the ground running (and lucky for me I love to run). Our work ethic here at Norbella is very strong, because we are constantly looking for new ways to approach challenges and bring great ideas to the table. Aside from working hard, we also never forget to balance the work/play ratio. You’ll often find us coordinating company outings to our favorite Boston spots or putting our office kegerator to good use at happy hour!

+ 5th Birthday preparation was in full effect!

It was brought to my attention that Norbella would be celebrating it’s 5th birthday in October. Our Content Marketing team was busy brainstorming unique ways to celebrate. July was a perfect time to rejoin the Norbella team as I was able to see the whole project from start to finish and play a key role in the production. The amount of growth Norbella has seen in the past five years is truly impressive, and I’m happy I was here to celebrate the big 5!

+ The office Pandora stations are here to stay.

Between Teresa’s love for New Kids on the Block and Ali’s infatuation with Drake, there was no change in the favored radio stations during my absence. Country music is among the least favored genres and I am one of the few people in the office that love it…and Gavin DeGraw, of course.

With all of the recent changes happening at Norbella, it’s nice to see that some things will never change: our office culture, our dedicated work ethic and our music selection.

– Kelsey

Kelsey McLaughlin, Age: 5

Kelsey McLaughlin, Age: 5