5 Norbella Perks

October 23, 2014

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+ Hungry? Not to worry!

Our weekly Peapod delivery makes sure no Norbellian goes through the day on an empty stomach. So come stalk our fridge and you’ll find an array of veggies, fruit, unlimited hummus, bread for days and whatever else Kevin decided to add to the list last minute. For the snack lovers, we have Goldfish (they keep Steve very happy), Tostitos, Smartfood, and an endless supply of peanut butter (Teresa can attest to that).

+ Need some fresh air? Go for a walk.

No matter what time of day it is, Norbella understands that we could all use a break from the office. In fact, our President Steph encourages us to have regular walking meetings! Enjoying a cup of joe from the South End Buttery or going for a quick walk with a fellow team member is the norm, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

+ What day is complete without a happy hour?

When 5pm hits, you know our team will be sipping on a beer from the keg (yes, the keg) and hanging out together. We love to spend the end of our weeks seated around the kitchen bar, swapping stories and making plans for the evening. With the array of wine, champagne and beer found in the kitchen, there’s no reason to leave…really! We’ve all enjoyed a few late Friday nights at the office, but who wouldn’t when you have such great company?

+ We have Marathon Monday off.

Plain and simple…Boston loves a reason to celebrate.

+ Casual Fridays? You mean, casual Monday through Friday?

Unless we are going to meet a client, jeans are perfectly acceptable. Long days in the office just wouldn’t be the same if we were required to wear pencil skirts and dress ties. We do our work well, and we do it in comfort; how many of you can say that?

– Frangos

Stephanie Frangos (on the left!), Age: 5

Stephanie Frangos (on the left!), Age: 5