Norbella Field Trip: Future Proof Labs

November 05, 2014

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In early October, the Norbella team was invited to take a peek into the future of advertising on the Undertone Future Proof Lab bus.

We arrived on Broad Street in downtown Boston to find a massive green bus parked on the street. It wasn’t until later we discovered that it was actually designed by West Coast Customs of Pimp my Ride fame! The interior of the bus was designed to represent the many different places a person interacts with media throughout their daily lives: their living room, on a computer, or even  walking down the street.

Our first stop was the living room where our tour guides checked their NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smart watches into the TV. They were set up as two different profiles: a mother and son. Each of their preferences populated the screen instantly – favorite TV shows, movies, etc. It changed according to the user who was logged in at the time. If both users checked in, the TV would display programming and movies of common interest based off the different user profiles. The on-screen advertising experience was similar to current internet display advertising, but these also changed according to the interest and preferences of the users, similar to the programming adjustments.

Next, we moved onto the future home office where we looked up movie times at nearby theaters on an iMac. Like the TV, these adapted to the user profile as we checked in along with responsive design advertising. The computer recommended the Marvel Comics movie: Guardians of the Galaxy for the son, whereas the mother’s top recommended movie was “Jersey Boys,” Director Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the Tony award-winning stage musical.

Our last stop was the Undertone bus stop. It had a familiar looking outdoor shelter panel – but with a twist. The panel was digital and interactive. One of our assistant media planners, Stephanie Frangos, stood in front of the panel as it took a picture of her, analyzed her skin tone and provided a recommended product. She then clicked on the product and the panel displayed nearby stores where it could be purchased.

A demo of the future of immersive digital experiences was exciting and inspiring! With the arrival of so many smart watches and NFC now available on iPhones and Android smartphones, it will be interesting to see how consumers interact with this new technology.


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