A Lesson in (kind of) Playing Hooky

February 26, 2015

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Everyday inspiration

Follow me here. It’s smack dab in the middle of yet another crazy week. The alarm goes off, as it does every other day, angrily waking you from a sound sleep. You eventually crawl out of bed, cursing the fact that it’s way too cold and snowy outside. You trek to work, put in a solid 9-12 hours, enjoy a little lunch and coffee if you’re lucky, work a bit more, and then begin the hellish commute back home. Eat, sleep, repeat. Sound familiar?

It isn’t a coincidence that the month of February ends up feeling like the movie Groundhog Day at times. Especially with weekly snow storms and 100+ inches on the ground, am I right? So in the midst of all the grayness and misery in Boston, where does one go for inspiration and a change of scenery? No, not Mexico. The Museum of Fine Arts is much cheaper than booking a flight out of dodge.


Hollywood Glamour Exhibit (my personal favorite)

My boss and I wandered around the vast hallways and rooms filled with artifacts, American history and endless creativity. About an hour later, we felt refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle our to-dos. We settled into some cafe chairs and got down to work.


Interesting piece made completely out of bottle caps and labels

It’s amazing what getting out of the office for a few hours can do for the mind and stress levels. I’m a content strategist here at Norbella so quite a bit of my job is to create engaging content on a regular basis. It’s easy to think that daily inspiration can be found on the web or in your immediate surroundings but that just isn’t true. Especially when there are so many beautiful places in Boston like the MFA that are still accessible when simple things such as parking and public transportation aren’t (too soon?)

It’s also pretty awesome that the president of our company encourages trips like this. Whether it’s getting out for a walk, taking a yoga class between meetings, or venturing out to a museum for creative or sanity purposes, she’s all for it.


You can read more about our President Steph Noris and her wellness initiatives on her recent blog.

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