Who's Your {Favorite TV} Daddy?

June 19, 2015

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If you asked all of Norbella who our favorite dad is, who do you think it would be? Well of course it would be each of our dads, but let’s say fictionally, if we asked Norbella who their favorite TV dad is, what do you think the answer would be?

Luckily we did, and while some individual favorites like Allen Matthews (Boy Meets World) and Frank Costanza (Seinfeld) didn’t make the cut, the overwhelming favorite was Phil Dunphy of Modern Family. What can we say, we’re a funny bunch. And while he does rank in my top 5, there are a few others I’d consider above him…here are my personal favorites, ranked from 5 to 1.

5: Carl Winslow


  • I’m not sure of a TV dad more deserving than Carl Winslow of Family Matters, dealing with his wife, 3 children, sister-in-law, nephew and aging mother, but also the world’s most annoying neighbor Steve Urkel. Not only did Steve constantly hit on his daughter but he did pretty much anything and everything to give Carl a heart attack. Growing up “DID I DO THAT?!” became one of my favorite sayings. Nothing was more appropriate as Carl’s full name though, Carl Otis Winslow (COW). Touche Family Matters writers, touche.

4: Phil Dunphy

phil dunphy

  • Norbella’s favorite TV dad is my 4th favorite, but he is a good one. He is always there for the greatest life lessons and advice, even if it’s totally wrong and may injure or embarrass his children, wife, or himself.

3: Uncle Phil


  • Uncle Phil may have technically been an uncle to Will in Fresh Prince of Bel Air but in all other ways, he was a dad. While he was often made fun of for his love of food, his quick temper and overall awkwardness, there is quite possibly not a more emotional and fatherly scene than this one: RIP James Avery.

2: Sandy Cohen

sandy cohen

  • If it meant I was married to Seth Cohen from The O.C., Sandy Cohen would be the ideal father-in-law. Come on, he took Ryan in with no questions and eventually adopted him. And any man that appreciates bagels and how they are schmeared the way I do is up there as the best TV dad. Definitive proof here.

1: Coach Eric Taylor

eric taylor

  • There isn’t anyone I’d actually want to be my real life dad more than Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Julie Taylor had no idea how good she had it. If you don’t want to go solve the world’s problems, or just win the big football game, after watching this, you have no soul. CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN’T LOSE!!!

-Ali Weitzner, Senior Media Planner

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