Red, White, and Booze

July 01, 2015

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With the weather getting warmer and the Fourth of July approaching, we are sure that your calendars are filling up with fun backyard BBQs, beach parties, and other assorted gatherings.  And let’s be honest, after the winter we’ve had, we deserve every ounce of sunshine.  We don’t know about you but our gatherings tend to include a few adult beverages…  So in honor of ‘Murica’s birthday, three of our employees share their favorite red, white, and blue drinks.




Why share my favorite drink for the Fourth you ask? Because it is red, silly. I bet many of you are thinking “oh it’s going to be Sangria” because those who know me, know I love Sangria.  However, that takes a lot of time and involves a lot of shopping and chopping, so I prefer to leave that to the amazing bartenders in our beautiful city.  Instead, head over to the Boston Winery located in the beautiful Port Norfolk neighborhood of Dorchester and pick yourself up a bottle of the red wine, Brachetto.  This is a lightly carbonated, semi-sweet red wine.  Pour this over ice (don’t get wine snobby on me now) and add in a 3 count (or more) of your favorite vodka, stir and enjoy.  You may be wrinkling your nose at this idea and saying, wine and vodka, you’re crazy!  However, trust me.  It is such a refreshing summer drink.  Enjoy carefully as they catch up to you.  You’ll thank me after you try it!

*Disclaimer, best to not drink while wearing white pants.  Inevitably, you will end up wearing some of it over the course of the night.




Speaking of white… and sangria, for that matter… There’s just nothing more crisp and thirst-quenching than a nice cold glass of my favorite summer cocktail: Sangria Flora.

Take your favorite bottle of sauvignon blanc and add a generous pour of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, about two or three glugs. Toss in fresh strawberry and peach slices along with a handful of fresh raspberries. Top with a little Sprite or soda water, pour into an ice-filled glass and enjoy! Oh and a little piece of advice, triple this recipe (and hide half) because it’s THAT much of a crowd-pleaser.




As a recent college graduate who also happens to live a block away from the Allston Tavern in the Square, I love a good fishbowl. Putting a patriotic twist on a Tavern in the Square favorite, here is how to make a blue fishbowl. Start with a plastic bowl and fill the bottom with red nerds (we’re sticking with the patriotic theme here). Add three ounces of coconut rum, three ounces of blue curacao, three ounces of vodka, three ounces of pineapple juice, ½ cup of sweet and sour mix, and a big splash of lemon-lime soda. Top with ice and red Swedish Fish and you’re ready to go! And don’t forget to buy lots of straws to share with your friends– OR you can keep it all to yourself!

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