Fall Premieres: Which Shows Will 'Fall' Short?

September 23, 2015

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Okay, so I’m that nerd that sits around and waits for TV networks to reveal their fall lineups every year, and it’s always a mix of  “wow what in the world were they thinking,” and “wow can I watch that right now?” It’s usually more one than the other, and I think we all know which one there’s more of (hint: Knock, Knock LIVE is a real thing that happened). But every year, there’s something really good, and this time is no different. Here are two shows that I thought had great pilots:

Hot & Bothered, NBC

Eva Longoria stars as Ana Maria, the lead actress on a successful telenovela. Her life is going great until her ex-husband is cast as her character’s romantic interest. Naturally, chaos ensues (there’s a meltdown scene where trash barrels are thrown. It’s as awesome as it sounds).

This show is obviously riding the coattails of Jane the Virgin’s success, but because the premise is so different, and because NBC is aiming for a slightly different audience, I think there’s definitely room for both shows to succeed.


You, Me, and the Apocalypse, NBC

This show is going to be hard to explain, but here’s my best attempt: the apocalypse is upon us, and the bunker that the US government has prepared only has room for 13 people.

The show almost comes off as one of those ensemble movies, where a million people all cross paths at one point or another: the pilot centers around a couple of quirky characters as their paths begin to intersect. It’s hard to say anything else without just re-telling the story of the pilot, but it’s definitely worth watching. The premise is cool, and the cast is fabulous—Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer, and Megan Mullally all have starring roles in this.


There is a whole slew of shows that look great this year (Blindspot, yes. What’s the point in me writing about it we already know it’s good), and I know I’m going have trouble cutting my “currently watching” list down to a manageable number. Hopefully the good stuff doesn’t get axed (RIP, Pushing Daisies).


Here are some other shows whose pilots I haven’t seen, but that look great: Supergirl, Scream Queens, Emerald City, Quantico.

Final note: let’s all do ourselves a favor and watch Galavant this year. Peppiest show on television, definitely worth 30 minutes of our time.