Is Cyber Monday even Monday Anymore?

November 30, 2015

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The day before Thanksgiving my inbox was flooded with messages alerting me that Black Friday deals had begun. Black Friday already?! We live in a digital world where you can find anything and everything online and have it delivered directly to your door in 3-5 business days (or the next business day if you have Amazon Prime)—so why would anybody wait for the ‘biggest shopping day of the year?’

Historically, Black Friday was the shopping day that all bargain-hunters waited for to steal the best deals on Holiday gifts. In this day and age where there is a Black Friday, a Cyber Monday, a Giving Tuesday, and online deals available all over and in between (I even saw a few “Cyber Weekend” ads), what will be the fate of the infamous shopping day?

Brands leverage the good, the bad, and the ugly of Thanksgiving shopping, finding any way possible to stand out from the crowd and wow consumers with the best deals. In honor of today being the ‘real’ Cyber Monday, we are recognizing two online brands that really hit the Thanksgiving nail on the head with their advertising campaigns.

Zappos: Apparently Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts codes aren’t enough these days! Zappos created a campaign featuring pet adoption called ‘Home for the Pawlidays,’ because we all know that there are more important things than the biggest shopping day of the year, right? The brand reminds us that giving back is what’s truly important during the holiday season, but the emotional tug isn’t even the best part: on Black Friday, Zappos covered the fee for pet adoption through the Best Friends Animal Society and more than 100 other shelters. When your inbox is overflowing with holiday coupon codes, brands have to try that much harder to stand out—and what better way to persuade than with animals in need of a home?


Amazon: They took a slightly different approach to Zappos. Amazon is notorious for having everything you can possibly need and FAST, So how do you possibly break through the Thanksgiving shopping noise when basically every day is Cyber Monday for you brand? Amazon prices are generally good, and they offer deals throughout the year, so how did they choose to advertise? Instead of taking a minimalist approach to Holiday shopping, Amazon went all-in—bringing you thousands of deals with “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Week.”  Amazon offered deals for an extended period of time instead of just one day in an attempt to stand out from its competitors—especially because you can buy most of Amazon’s products from other retailers. Although Amazon is strictly e-commerce and isn’t capable of having a one-day in-store Black Friday deal, they chose to shy away from promoting a one-day Cyber Monday sale. The brand played up the idea that new sales will be added to the site every five minutes throughout the week, which solves the problem of ad fatigue and seeing the same old sales for an entire week. Amazon also had stellar video social media ads that featured falling confetti, and definitely caught my eye.

Black Friday FB ad

Zappos and Amazon definitely took different approaches to their Thanksgiving shopping advertising—so who will win the Cyber Monday shopping wars? With week-long online deals, will we miss the excitement of waking up early to troll the mall looking to score deals on Black Friday? Are we sick of seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads for an entire week? Should we be focusing less on scoring deals and more on giving back? We took a Norbella poll of family and friends to see how people shopped this year, and their opinions of the infamous holiday:

16% of our friends and family shopped in store on Black Friday

24% found better deals online

26% were planning to wait until Cyber Monday

34% are sick of Black Friday shopping and advertisements

So what do you think? We want to know your opinion! Tweet us @Norbella and let us know what side you’re on.