Norbella Power Rankings: Best of Super Bowl Ads

February 03, 2016

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Our team is passionate, driven, hard-working, and pretty competitive. We always love a healthy dose of competition, especially when it comes to sports. We may even have a MasterChef style contest on the calendar this week to see who has the best Super Bowl appetizer.  Yes, this upcoming weekend is an exciting time of year for sports fans. Layer on the highly-anticipated commercials, and it has us media folks pretty psyched. We went back to the archives and ranked our favorite Super Bowl ads of all time.

Super Bowl Power Rankings

In case you missed them or need a refresher, watch the ads below!

Parisian Love 2010

The Force: Volkswagen 

Apple 1984

Budweiser Best Buds 

Betty White Snickers 

E-Trade Baby Time Out With Dog 

GoPro Dubstep Baby 

Chrysler Imported From Detroit 

Mountain Dew 2015 

Coca-Cola Mean Joe Green 


Did your favorite Super Bowl ad not make the cut? Tweet us your pick @Norbella!

Stay tuned for more Norbella Power rankings to see what ranks #1 in our book!