The Instagram Algorithm Debacle: Why It’s Really Not That Big of a Deal

March 28, 2016

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Chances are you opened your Instagram app today to find your news feed in an uproar. One after the other, your favorite bloggers and brands posted photos similar to the one below, promising to keep users’ news feeds intact by pressing the three magical dots above the photo and turning on post notifications.


Earlier this month, Instagram announced plans to incorporate an algorithm into users’ news feeds that would give higher priority to photos that each person is likely to engage with most. Previously, Instagram showed users’ photos in reverse-chronological order.


So why the upheaval? Because brands and influencers alike are worried the change will make it harder for their fans to view and engage with their content. And to a point, they’re right. But here at Norbella, we want everyone to take a big, deep breath, and realize it’s all going to be OK. Here’s why:


  • Facebook changed its algorithm a ways back and guess what, we all survived.
  • Begging followers to turn on post notifications will only backfire. Say you turn on post notifications for your top 10 favorite Instagrammers and they each post twice a day – that’s TWENTY notifications you’ll receive OUTSIDE of the Instagram app. #NoThanks
  • Instagram estimates that users miss 70% of their friends’ photos and this new algorithm will solve the problem. No more #FOMO!
  • It gives marketers an opportunity to dig into their social strategy and adjust accordingly. What type of content garners the most engagement? Post more of it to ensure your followers remain engaged.
  • Instagram is already working on rolling out tools for pulling insights – until then, here are five free Instagram Analytics Tools