Why P&G's 'Thank You, Mom' Is The Best Mother's Day Ad Ever

May 05, 2016

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Ads catch our attention- the good, the bad, the emotional, and even the ugly. We pay attention to them all, and this Mother’s Day ad especially resonated with one of our Norbella moms.

Stacey Washkowitz, Director of Operations at Norbella, Mom of two: 

People are calling this “the best mother’s day ad ever” and here’s why I tend to agree. As a mom, daughter and advertising executive for over 15 years I think P&G wins a gold for this one! The ad is perfectly timed because Moms are on our minds this week. The message connects with consumers emotionally by telling a very powerful story. They are portraying mom’s exactly as we aspire to be portrayed to our children. Whether your child’s gold medal is earned at the Olympics, a little league game, in the classroom or simply because they overcame an obstacle, it’s symbolic of the dreams we have for our kids and the role we play as pillars of support along the way. The ad successfully captures the indescribable connection and feeling between a mother and her child and simultaneously it reminds consumers that the brand understands who we are. You want to watch the commercial and in my case I watched it a few times then shared it with others. Now pass the damn tissues and excuse me while I go call my mom and say Thank you!