We're Hiring!: Senior Digital Media Buyer, Media Planner, Paid Search Specialist, Digital Media Assistant

June 16, 2016

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Norbella Office Manager


We think before we work so that we can develop and execute thoughtful and intelligent media strategies and thoughtful buys. We’re looking for candidates who think critically, look for unconventional solutions, are catalysts for new ideas, are fierce negotiators, and are passionate about the technology and trends that impact our business.

Senior Digital Media Buyer



  • Organizes/manages workflow; coordinates with digital media assistant in order to fulfill all media research, planning, analysis (e.g., POVs), trafficking, reporting, optimization and billing/reconciliation activities
  • Collaborates with media directors, supervisor, planner to ensure that digital is seamlessly integrated into media plans and buy presentations
  • Acts as a supervisory checkpoint for documents that the digital media assistant prepares
  • Expected to have considerable media depth in all forms of digital: display, programmatic, search, mobile, video and social to holistically contribute to the digital department, planning team, and agency at large
  • Serves as a resource to NorBella and its creative partners on creative and targeting technologies (e.g., HTML5, Rich Media production, sites creation of High Impact creative, etc.)
  • Leads improvement in digital analytics and reporting (data visualization, dashboards)
  • Collaborates with process manager on workflow process for media authorizations, budget summaries, client invoices, media invoices and reconciliation
  • Acts as an ambassador for NorBella by attending industry events, rep. meetings, and inspiring confidence in our knowledge, experience, and passion
  • Leads by example by living NorBella’s Core Values


 Media Planner



  • Fulfill media research and analysis utilizing all internal planning tools
  • Assist in the development, execution and strategy presentation
  • Assist in the development and execution of innovative media plans from conception to completion
  • Act as support for ensuring all components of the media plan and campaign are executed flawlessly throughout the entire planning phase (from strategy to reconciliation)
  • Coordinate with buyers to support plan development and to fulfill media research, analysis and scheduling activities
  • Communicates effectively with internal implementation teams to ensure collaboration and integration of ideas into media plans that align with the overall plan strategy
  • Oversee the day to day management of all campaigns including compliance with our internal operation process
  • Creation of media documents that are given to clients/creative partners
  • Expected to develop an extensive media knowledge in broadcast, print, digital, out of home, social, experiential etc. and continue to stay apprised of trends and new media capabilities
  • Ensure plans are executed flawlessly and deliver on client objects
  • Oversee and manage campaign maintenance and reporting
  • Leads by example by living Norbella’s Core Values


 Paid Search Specialist



  • Manage the day-to-day search marketing activities across multiple search engines (Google, Bing/Yahoo) including the campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review, and optimization of paid search campaigns.
  • Compile and interpret search campaign data into actionable insights for agency and client teams.
  • Conduct key campaign activities including keyword research (discovery and expansion), review and editing of ad creative/copy, review and analysis of web site performance metrics, and optimization of campaigns.
  • Grow and optimize our keywords portfolio through testing (A/B and Multivariate) with ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies, negative keywords, etc.
  • Act as an agency expert in the search engine marketing channel.
  • Stay abreast of new technologies in the search and digital media and marketing space.
  • Understand consumer motivations and mindset in the online environment and translate into successful digital marketing strategies.
  • Work with the media planning team to create integrated media campaigns leveraging paid search and digital tactics.
  • Develop device-specific strategies to meet the growing needs of mobile and tablet users compared to desktop and laptop.
  • Conduct competitive research and estimates for new business or campaign growth opportunities.
  • Drive continued innovation and best practice implementation, regularly sharing your knowledge with the agency and client teams.
  • Leads by example by living Norbella’s Core Values.


Digital Media Assistant 



  • Supports digital media buyer with RFPs, plan/buy development, and presentations as necessary
  • Handles issuing and confirming insertion orders in a timely and accurate manner
  • Completes digital creative specifications and deadlines for creative agencies
  • Sets up campaign in our 3rd party ad server (3PA) (sites, placements, creative), uploaded creative into our 3PA, tests click through, generates ad serving tags, and sends tags to sites. Works with digital media buyer to determine tracking plan and reporting schedule
  • Generates conversion tags and sends to webmaster for pages to be tracked
  • At campaign start, provides screenshots and ensures that impressions, clicks and post-impressions and post-click activity is being accurately tracked
  • On a daily basis, monitors delivery for active digital campaigns
  • Pulls data from our 3rd party ad server (3PA) and converts into information and then transforms information into insight for campaign reporting, recommends optimizations plans
  • Pro-actively recommend optimization solutions to better serve advertiser needs
  • Possess awareness and proactive thinking in the evolution of the digital landscape by increasing knowledge of new technologies, products, IAB standards, advertiser demands and client experiences
  • Partner with internal teams to ensure successful campaigns that meet or exceed client goals
  • Set up and manage third-party tracking on behalf of partners
  • Troubleshoot any campaign / creative issues that affect tracking, implementation, or reporting
  • Creates systems for keeping campaigns organized and able to prioritize and handle a number of tasks simultaneously
  • Expected to fully understand work flow process and collaborate with buyers on smooth daily administration of media authorizations, budget summaries, media invoices and reconciliation
  • Leads by example by living Norbella’s Core Values


Please send all resumes to jobs@norbella.com