#ColorMeStrong with these DIY Calming Jars

December 20, 2016

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‘Tis the season to be busy, which can get stressful! We fell in love with these calming jars to get us through holiday crunch time. Try this DIY recipe to create these colorful beauties and add a little calm into your holiday season. We’ve created this easy step-by-step guide:

Supplies needed: Mason jar and lid, hot water, glitter glue, loose glitter, food coloring, and something to stir with.

  • Step 1: Pour boiling water into your mason jar- the water must be hot to dissolve the glitter glue
  • Step 2: Squeeze a couple globs of glitter glue into the hot water, and stir until completely dissolved
  • Step 3: Add two drops of the food coloring of your choice and stir
  • Step 4: Add in loose glitter and stir
  • Step 5: Leave the lid off the mason jar until completely cooled, and then seal and enjoy!