Dear Super Bowl

February 02, 2017

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Dear Super Bowl,

I has been a year since we last met. Still, I can’t get you out of my mind. I have been pining for the day we meet again;
it is so close yet feels like an eternity from now. To hold us over in this time of yearning, I have written you a poem,
which I hope you will hold close to your heart, as it comes straight from mine.

Cold and blustery days,

Disappear when you are near,

To feel your intensity, your passion,

I’ve waited one full year.

The seasons have come and gone,

Spring, summer, fall and then

In winter you return

With your bounty once again

With chips, and beer, and greasy wings galore –

And what’s more –

Your advertisements,

my yearning, they do quell,

the best of which make me L-O-L.

And despite our differences;

(your father’s tyranny,

or your penchant for head injury)

I can’t deny,

When I’m with you, dear Super Bowl,

My heart does fly.

This year, even better,

You, me and Brady make three.

Super Bowl, I’ve written you this letter

To say:  You Complete Me.


Yours Always,