A Journey from Ireland to Boston

August 14, 2017


A Journey from Ireland to Boston


For the last two weeks, I have grown accustomed to being introduced as “Shannon, our Irish intern,” and every person I’ve encountered has been amazed that I’ve traveled 3,000 miles for an internship.

The way I look at it is that I’ve traveled 3,000 miles to join an incredible company which I have no doubt will oversee me growing from a marketing student to a marketing guru. (Hopefully!)


Arriving in Boston

Straight off the plane, I knew Boston was a different ballgame than Belfast (and I’m not just talking about their preferred sport being NFL football and not Gaelic football).

As the plane was flying over my future hometown, I was shaken by the size of it. Boston has always been described to me as a “homey” city, “much like Belfast,” but I soon realized they were referencing the number of Irish pubs and not the size.

My favorite part of the city so far must be Beacon Hill. It’s such a beautiful spot filled with high-end boutiques and coffee shops, and on a warm day watching the runners sprint up the hill toward you reminds you of Boston Strong and how important well-being is to the city dwellers here.



I’ve always been excited about working a 9-5 job in a city. I imagined myself dressing like Rachel from Suits but acting like Jim from The Office. Instead, I showed up to Norbella, where the cool and hip vibes radiate at you from the moment you exit the lift.

The interior is so expertly designed, it’s as if it is pulled straight from a magazine. The people who work in the office are extremely welcoming, but also creative, alternative, forward-thinking, and hard-working.

I learned all of this within the first few minutes of meeting all of them, but since then they have shown themselves to be witty, hilarious and open minded!


What’s to come

I plan on making the most of the year I have in the US. Currently on my list of places to visit is New Orleans, Washington DC, and Nashville.

I’ve already bought my first Patriots jersey and Red Sox cap, much to the delight of the crazed sports fans in my office.

I’ve also booked Red Sox tickets with the Irish association here in Boston.

Now someone just needs to explain to me how baseball works. Any takers?